Speakers 演讲嘉宾


Anthony DelDuca (Principal of DDCJ + Associates)

Anthony DelDuca is an accomplished practice principal with over 35 years' experience in all facets of the Architectural profession. He has an extensive portfolio of outstanding projects (over $100 million range) both in the public and private sector,  with a proven track record in "big picture" design.

Over the last 10 years, Anthony has been actively involved in the development of a new paradigm in Aged Care & Senior's Living. This includes research and development of "best practice" models around the world and translating these principles into local contexts in various countries. He is passionate in his endeavours to create environments that engender a fulfilling lifestyle for seniors in this important stage of life.  

Among Anthony’s recent accomplishments are the $500 million master plan for Life Care Adelaide, Hester Canterbury which is a boutique Seniors Living Development for Bass Care in Melbourne, Meru Retirement Village in Malaysia and the master plan of Wuxi Garden Oasis in China.

作为DDJC+Associates的首席顾问,拥有超过35年行业经验的Anthony DelDuca,是澳大利亚建筑行业代表人物之一,由他参与指导的优质项目的总价值已经超过了一亿美元。



  • 价值五亿美元的阿德莱德“Life Care Adelaide”项目总体规划;
  • 墨尔本Bass Care精品老年人生活发展项目“Hester Canterbury”;
  • 马来西亚的Meru退休村;以及
  • 中国无锡“Garden Oasis"的总体规划。

Chris Westacott (Chairman/Director of Golden Age Solutions)

Chris Westacott is Chairman and Director of both Golden Age Solutions (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (a company focused on enriching the quality of life for seniors) and Golden Age Careers and Workforce Development Sdn. Bhd. (a company focused on creating a workforce where the priority is meeting the needs and expectations of the customer.

Chris has particular expertise in retirement living and resident aged strategy and operations through focusing and aligning business strategy with people strategies and business operational systems.

In Australia, Chris also runs a specialised aged care consultancy – Realise Performance an organisation focused on the identification and development of employee performance drivers, strategies, systems and procedures to maximise employee engagement and business performance outcomes.

Chris is a member of the Board of a medium sized retirement living aged care organisation and is a member of the Department of Health and Ageing Advisory Panel.

作为Golden Age Solutions(马来西亚)总裁,Chris Westacott在老年人退休生活和居住规划方面有着丰富的专业知识和行业经验。他是中小型退休养老护理组织董事会成员,也是澳大利亚卫生部及老龄化咨询小组成员。

在澳大利亚,Chris还经营着一家专业的老年护理咨询公司(Realize Performance),专注于发现和改善员工绩效驱动因素,以最大限度地提高员工敬业度和业务绩效。


Princess Ventura (Director of Urbis)

Princess Ventura is an economist with years of international and local experience. Princess has studied and worked in the Philippines, the United States, Sri Lanka and Australia. She worked for eight years at the World Bank, advising governments on policies to reduce poverty and promote economic growth. At Urbis, Princess applies the same expertise in economic research and analysis to help clients make evidence-based decisions to design places that work – shopping malls and business parks, city and port revitalisations, urban renewal and residential developments.

Economic analysis provided by Princess and her team underpins large-scale developments such as Barangaroo, One Sydney at Circular Quay and Quay Quarter and critical government initiatives such as Sydney Strategic Centres and Sydney District Plans. Two recent highlights of her work are the Liverpool City Centre Revitalisation and Macquarie Shopping Centre.

作为Urbis总裁,Princess Ventura是一位拥有多年国际和本地经验的经济学家。在世界银行工作的八年里,Princess曾就减贫和促进经济增长等问题向政府提供政策建议。



  • 悉尼大型地产开发项目Barangaroo及环形码头商业区;
  • Liverpool市中心振兴;
  • Macquarie购物中心。

Barrie Harrop, Project Developer/Co-Partner of complex large scale urban/CBD/Energy projects

Understanding market needs, putting in place the professional teams based on strong past successful long- term relationships, investors support, getting the image right/marketing strategy, researching markets, finding the right partners, executing and delivering major complex Urban/CBD projects on time on budget, with exceptional quality, detail and finishes.

Barrie has vast experience in large scale development projects, where innovations ideas have become well known identities or landmarks, changing directions of Major Cities/Urban Communities with complex planning in projects up to current developed value over $20bn. Some examples are as follow :

  • Project Gulf Point, Adelaide - Project initiator/major shareholder of Australia’s largest man-made marina Gulf Point Marina , North Haven SA
  • Project Melbourne Central, Melbourne - Australia’s largest mixed-use CBD project over 350,000 sqm
  • Project Craigburn, Adelaide - Won at a national tender, of surplus land in Craigbum Farm, Sth Australia, current developed value over $3.5bn, recognized for innovative planning, now a community for some 12,000+ people

Over the years, Barrie has developed a wide network of relationships throughout Australia, America, Europe, Asia, India, UK, China and Japan through successful venture projects.

Barrie Harrop(大型城市项目、CBD 项目和能源项目的开发人员/合作人)

Barrie了解市场需求,凭借过去成功的长期合作关系、营销策略、市场研究,以及在预算内按时执行和交付高质量的城市建设项目/ CBD项目,Barrie在大型项目开发方面拥有丰富的经验。


  • 阿德莱德Gulf Point项目:澳大利亚最大人造码头
  • 墨尔本Melbourne Central项目:澳大利亚最大混合用途CBD项目,面积超过350,000平方米
  • 阿德莱德Craigburn项目:在全国招标中赢得了位于南澳Craigbum农场的剩余土地,目前开发价值超过35亿,被认可用于创新规划,现在已成为拥有约12,000多人的社区





Tina Hua (Principal Partner of Tahota Law Firm-Sydney)

Tina is a principal partner at Tahota Law Firm (Sydney), a Public Notary, a registered migration agent and a bilingual mediator. Tahota Law Firm is a large, leading law firm group established in China in 2000 and has 17 offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and USA.

Tina holds a Bachelor of Law degree and a Juris Doctor degree. She has practiced as a solicitor since 2010 in multiple jurisdictions including the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC). Tina’s experience include real estate development, business migration, corporate acquisitions, restructuring, due diligence and commercial litigation.

Tina has advised a wide range of Chinese enterprises in Australia in sectors such as education, entertainment, agricultural, mining and finance. She specializes in foreign business investment enterprises and business migration for such investors.

Tina is a regular participant of various charitable activities in the Australian-Chinese community and enjoys promoting legal knowledge and awareness to the broader community. She has written columns on legal issues for multiple local media outlets and has presented at several investment law seminars.






Anne Baker (Founder/Director of Two Crowns Marketing Communications)

Anne Baker is Founder and Director of Two Crowns Marketing Communications, a Melbourne based marketing consultancy. 

Anne is a Fellow and Certified Practicing Marketer (CPM) of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and has over 20 years’ experience and formal training including a Master’s in Business (Marketing) and studies at Harvard Business School. Anne is a property marketing expert who supports her clients in developing effective marketing and communications strategies.

Anne brings her marketing and communications expertise to national businesses including Mirvac, AV Jennings, Colonial First State and a range of medium and boutique organisations seeking insight and support in navigating decision making in highly competitive, market-driven environments.

作为Two Crowns Marketing Communications的创始人兼总裁,拥有超过20年行业经验的Anne Baker,毕业于哈佛商学院市场营销硕士学位,是澳大利亚市场营销协会(AMI)成员和注册职业营销人员(CPM)。


  • Mirvac;
  • AV Jennings;
  • Colonial First State;以及一系列在竞争激烈的市场环境中寻求指引方向的中型优质企业。

Richard Yuan (Founder/Director of ABC iMedia)

Richard Yuan is the founder and director of ABC iMedia, a Sydney-based media group, representing the largest and one of the most active WeChat business platforms in Australia.

With over 10 years’ experience, Richard is a marketing strategy expert, specialising in assisting Australian businesses to strengthen brand images and drive up sales volumes throughout Chinese market within Australian China online space.

ABC iMedia client base includes CBRE, Eaoron, Philips, Swisse, Woolworths...just to name a few.

As a WeChat platform with over 600K subscribers, ABC iMedia plays an important role as the KOL in Australian Chinese business community. It also acts as the key marketing channel to bridge Australian brands to Chinese market.

The highest WeChat page view record of ABC iMedia's single article has reached close to 10 million, which has been an overwhelming record in terms of the page view of Australian WeChat business account.