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The Australia Qipao Business Week (‘AQBW’) was officially launched in 2017 by the Australia China Entrepreneurs Club (‘ACEC’). It is an annual premier business-culture event in Australia which focus on 

  • Establishing a high-end platform for exchange of business information, trends and opportunities in Australia and China on current and emerging industries. 
  • Providing participants with privileged opportunities to meet face-to-face with Australian and Chinese industry experts, business elites, investors and government representatives.
  • Fostering collaboration and partnership between Australia and China’s business communities through a spectrum of services/activities, such as networking events, business matching, site visits arrangement, MOU signing.
  • Creating awareness of the distinctive and fascinating Chinese culture as well as promoting cultural exchange between Australia and China. 

Read about the past AQBW events at www.acecclub.org/category/acec-events

For more information about ACEC, please visit www.acecclub.org


  • 为热点行业搭建交流商业信息及澳中商贸趋势与机会的高端平台。
  • 为与会者提供与澳中行业专家、商界精英、投资人及政府代表面对面交流的特权机会。
  • 为与会者安排项目考察,一对一分享其他投资机会,助力商业合作签约及落地。
  • 礼遇中国文化的独特魅力,为澳中文化交流搭建品质平台。