Australia Qipao Business Week 2019

Bridging Cultures & Cultivating Relationships

April 2019, 9th-15th 

澳大利亚旗袍商务周 2019

发现精准商机   交流品质文化





The Australia China Entrepreneurs Club (‘ACEC’) is delighted to host the Australia Qipao Business Week (‘AQBW’) once again in April 2019, which aims to 

  • Promote business and cultural exchange between Australia and China 
  • Provide business insights to help positioning and increase competitive advantages 
  • Create a platform to network with industry leaders, business elites 
  • Nurture business collaboration and investment prospects 
  • Inspire the Australian-Chinese business community with entrepreneurial success stories 
  • Experience the elegant Chinese-qipao culture 


  • 促进澳中商务文化交流
  • 洞悉行业趋势,发现精准商机
  • 创建资源平台,与行业巨头商界精英面对面
  • 推动商业合作,分享投资机会
  • 礼遇澳大利亚杰出华商,致敬精英企业家成功故事
  • 体验中国旗袍文化独特魅力

The AQBW 2019 programme is primarily designed around the popular demand for prospective insights and understanding of the aged care and property sectors in Australia, as well as how to navigate China and Australia’s digital marketing landscape. For the full programme’s details, please see the Programme’s page on this site.



Why attend AQBW 2019?

Gain insights into Australia’s aged care and property scene, and more. 洞悉澳大利亚养老护理、地产开发等热点行业的发展现状及合作机遇
Network with industry leaders and business elites from Australia and overseas 对话行业专家,与澳大利亚及海外商界精英探讨“生意经”
Meet potential overseas investors for your projects 对接海外投资者,为您的项目有效融资

AQBW 2019

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